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Short Stories

“Aubade and Talia,” Fusion Fragment Issue 14, November 2022 

Damage Report,” Baffling Magazine, July 2022

“The Bleeding God,” Decoded Pride Issue 3, June 2022

“Radio Elsewhere,” Planet Scumm Issue 13, Spring 2022

Since He Came Back,” Fireside Fiction, March 2022

Some Seeds Only Bloom After Burning, Seize the Press, January 2022

“How to Build a Sukkah at the End of the World,” The Jewish Book of Horror, ed. Josh Schlossberg, Denver Horror Collective, October 2021

“An Eventual Feast,” Planet Scumm Issue 11, Summer 2021

“Human Milk for Human Babies,” Tiny Nightmares, ed. Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto, Catapult, October 2020

“The White Door,” Unspeakable: A Queer Gothic Anthology, ed. Celine Frohn, Nyx, February 2020

In a Tide of Blood,” Speculative City, Fall 2019

“The Fruit,” The Fiends in the Furrows, ed. David Neal and Christine Scott, Nosetouch, September 2018


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